Studio Pilates Sessions – Private & Semi-Private 3:1

55 minutes

Private sessions are essential for teaching the Pilates fundamental movement and alignment principles correctly in relation to your individual needs determined through your initial assessment.

Private sessions are a pre-requisite to joining any of the Semi-Private Studio sessions if you have had NO previous experience on the Pilates Equipment or have an injury. These sessions will provide you with the experience needed to achieve the most out of your workout whether it be in a Semi-Private Pilates Session or in a small group class: Reformer, Tower or Jumpboard, Matwork.

What we recommend: If you are new to doing Pilates on the equipment or have been on an extended break we recommend the Intro Package B: (Initial Assessment and three Private sessions) before joining Semi-Private Studio sessions.  If you have an injury, are recovering from one or simply require extra attention then we recommend Intro package A: (Initial Assessment and 5 Private Studio sessions).
During these Privates session you can discuss any past or present injuries with  your  Instructor who will help you determine how best to progress in your program.
Clients who prefer individual attention or those that have special needs such as pre/post natal and injury rehabilitation benefit most from ongoing private sessions.

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions 3:1  These popular mixed level sessions use a combination of the Pilates equipment and matwork as part of your individually tailored program. You are closely supervised, guided and advanced through your personalized routine reaping the benefits of the Pilates Method.

Classes – If you have a group of friends or colleagues that want to come as a group email us for more information. 

Reformer, Tower, Jumpboard, Matwork and speciality classes designed specifically for your group. 

Not sure which class is right for you? 
Contact us directly to discuss how we can design a  program that is tailored specifically for you.

Preparing For Your Class

  • Wear comfortable clean workout clothes.
  • Clean non-slip socks.
  • Avoid heavy perfumes.
  • Mobile phone to be switched off.
  • Avoid eating less than an hour before your session.
  • Use the buzzer If arriving after 6pm during the week or on the weekend: press 401 and the “bell” icon. 
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